Month: November 2019

What does Maintenance Software do? What are its Key Features?

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The vehicle maintenance software manages and maintains a record of the vehicle addressing its need for repair and maintenance. It is an automated software that helps in reducing overtime, scheduling maintenance and replacement, increases efficiency. It also helps in reducing the costs of maintenance by addressing the issue at the right time. It is best to regularly check the vehicle and keep a tab on its maintenance needs as it will help to extend the life of the car.

This vehicle maintenance software is easy to operate and can be installing and operated via smartphones and making it easy for both the operator and the technician. It helps the technician get access to the documents related to the maintenance of the vehicle and understand the line of a process implementing the same. It keeps a record and notifies the operator and the company

Here are some of the main features of vehicle maintenance software by Chevin Fleet Solutions.

1 – Manages Assets

The chief function of vehicle maintenance software is to manage the system. It controls every aspect of the asset in the organization. It enables and gives access to the technician with different information such as performance history, repair history, maintenance schedule, technical specification, and so on.

2 – Manages the inventory 

This advantage is very beneficial for the staff, and it helps in giving intimation and upgrading the stock. This database allows managing the workshops, warehouses, and storerooms within the organization. It is an additional benefit for the user having the ability to reorder the parts, transfer it to between the inventory location, and make the necessary adjustment within the software.

3 – Prepares a line of work

The vehicle maintenance software helps to prepare a proper chain of a task. This benefit includes keeping a record … Read the rest